The story of 1 & 1 Interiors

1 & 1 Interiors established & is located at Bangalore, offering Avant-grade interior solutions that address the need for making the most of living spaces.

1 & 1 Interiors comprises a team of professionals with well-defined roles who work closely with others to offer solutions that combine the best of aesthetics & function.

What We Do?

The Counsellors on project inquiry meets the client to understand their requirements. they will get the specification and study it along with design consultants.

The Design Consultant works Meticulously on the design specification and they coordinate with architectural assistants for transforming drafting designs into technical drawings.

The Architectural assistants are qualified professionals who work on CAD, to accurately interpret the designs to clear technical drawings for execution.

The Execution Team comprises of a team of skilled carpenters, who follow the technical drawings as well as the detailed specifications of the designers. 1 & 1 Interior’s mission is to be the preferred choice among Lifestyles solutions, offer great value for money, and generate goodwill.

Our Specialities

Our Services

Highly Professional & Unique Designs


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Turnkey Solutions

Why 1 & 1 Interiors

  • End to end solutions
  • Guaranteed high quality product
  • On-time delivery

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